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Fashion designer is responsible for the design and development of garment, apparel and other fashion products.
The main objective of fashion designer is to develop and create various pieces of apparel or clothing. He or she should be trained either in clothing, footwear, or accessories - or to work in a broader setting and create multiple types of fashion garments and apparel.
Fashion designer is in charge of guiding all steps of the design process, from initial conception to final manufacture and marketing. Other responsibilities may include monitoring current fashion trends and movements with the purpose of designing products that meet contemporary purchasing preferences.
As a fashion designer, he or she should be willing to work with many people and other department. For example, he or she may be in charge of supervising a team of technical designers, who will do most of the actual drawing and cutting of your specific design ideas. He or she also might work with individual clients to design pieces of custom couture, in addition to collaborating with sales and marketing managers to determine the best way to present your new ideas to the public.

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